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Saturday, January 19, 2008

--Project Necronom - Space Colonization--
It is an ancient human dream to colonize vast space itself.
Humanity has expended over the galaxy for centuries, terraforming planets and creating equals to its former home. In order to reach the next step of existence however, the final move into space itself needs to be achieved.
It is estimated that over a mere timeframe of five genrations, humanity can reach the next step of evolution.
In an effort to bring forth this crucial development, the Necronom project has been initiated by a combined effort of the whole human race, even beyond the reaches of the UCE (United Colonies of Earth).Twelve space colonies, spread throughout the galaxy, were constructed to house humanities biggest hope.

--Organization Chios--
Space travel is a long, expensive and dangerous process. Ships travel for months. and years at times, to carry their cryogenically frozen passengers.
They pass through enourmously large areas of space which used to serve as the only natural protection throughout the early history of space travel, as it was nearly impossible to track down a traveling ship along its course. However, the recent exponential increase of trading between human conlonies has changed that and as frequently traveled, safe routes have been established this has brought forth a new form of crime, space piracy.
While other, less organized groups have focused on stealing common space freight, one organization, knowns as Chios, has started to emerge and has specialized on a new form of business: slave trade.
Ships are being overtaken on their routes and passengers taken captive for ransom. When a sufficient amount of credits cannot be gained from ransom these humans are taken in as loot, stripped of their former selves, often brainwashed and sold as slaves.During the countless wars among the different human colonies, many of the destroyed tribes have been enslaved completely and many of the larger colonies have started to tolarate enslavement for its economical benefit. Human work force in space is invaluable and so it is no surprise that the business of organization Chios is a beneficiall one.

--Space Colony Necronom VI--
Funded by colony Laurium of the UCE, space colony Necronom VI is part of the Necronom project and the smallest of the 12 stations. After only 10 years in space, the station has been completely abandoned by Necronom Inc. and any funds from Laurium for the project have been frozen. All of its personnel has been recalled and officially the station is rated as space debris.
The reason behind that is highly classified and access is strictly forbidden.Today the criminal organization called Chios has started to use the station as a base. A small crew has been assigned to maintain the station and supervise transport and trade of freight.
Human slaves are constantly being transported there for storage and brainwashing. New slaves, independant marauders and slave traders are common guests aboard the station. Lately the council of Chios has sent a team of scientists to perform studies, however it is not known to the crew what their exact purpose is onboard the station. From time to time they require slaves as test subjects in the lower regions of the station, but as none of these have ever returned it is unknown what exactly happens there.
It is only known that these lower sections seem to have been infected by an unknown organism, which is mostly ignored as it doesnt seem to influence the vital systems of the station. Caution is advised, as causalties have occured there in the past, but it does not appear to be a growing problem.
The crew of the Necronom is ordered to treat the slaves with great care, but since the station is very isolated that is widely ignored. Slaves are regularly abused to the crews liking and generally treated harshly, as to uphold their obedience. Certain higher-ranked slaves are naturally part of the crew and used as disposable workforce.

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