Portable converter

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Behind schedule with the conditioning of your freight because the programming unit in the lab is always busy? That's a problem of the past, because now there's a portable slave programming unit available, complete with remotely controllable sound and visual effects that can only be seen and heard by the wearer.
The portable converter is equiped with 5 seperate injectors, using various combinations of psychoactive drugs, it can repeat visual and audio stimuli and finally control the sense of orientation by influencing the ears.
As always available on a Necronom station near you!


Bob King said...

Um.. is it actually as annoying as the video suggests?

Hm. I probably shouldn't tell you how to make one that could actually work, come to think of it. Carry on...

Gregory said...

Link seems to be busted. Just so ya know. :-)