Space Colony Necronom VI

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Space Colony Necronom VI is an adult roleplaying game located in the online virtual world Second Life.
It offers a sophisticated and unique environment and a wide variety of story to dive into, constructed in a way to allow everyone to decide for themselves of how deeply he to dive into.
The community is open to everyone and I try my best to encourage a form of "light roleplay" that allows anyone to easily join in, for sexual roleplay and beyond. The location can be found here, all visitors are welcome. Be warned however, that the content might be offensive or disturbing to you.

People say that in the early days of the internet what grew it's popularity was gambling and pornography on websites and originally that was my view on Second Life as well. Then, when I was forced to look into it further creatively for a different project I realized that there might be more potential then I originally thought. As a result I decided to start a small project of my own, which has become this place.

I have three aims:

The first one is to experiment with a new form of gaming. Usually videogames are fully gamelike in nature, with clear objectives and goals. How to create an enviroment that simply simulates another existence to dwell into, without any superficial gamemechanics to simulate it is a question I want to answer for myself.

The second goal is a bit hard to explain. Second Life as it is known today is ultimately the most complex virtual enviroment for open thoughts and ideas. Be it politically, socially, or even sexually, people have a chance to express themselves in a very sophisticated way. For that however the proper enviroments need to be in place. For example, there is a very rich variety of fantasy locations all through Second Life, which in turn has brought forth a multitude of
things to do, thousands of outfits, philosophies and people to explore. Basically, any idea can be expressed within a fantasy context, while science fiction, a genre that from the very first day has always primarly served to express novel thoughts and ideas, seems to be quite lacking.
Now there is a good number of incredible scifi enviroments in Second Life, however, it just is not enough space for a big amount of individuals to exist within, so I do hope to add a part to that.
Every time someone shows me an avatar he himself created just to exist within the context of the station, every time someone wrote themselves their own background I feel that my goal is accomplished and I hope that this way I add my own two bits of variety to a world that is still so new and unexplored.

The final goal is to prove a point. It is said that there's two things to sell a medium, violence and sex. Now if you look at the gaming industry of today, it is clear which path has been chosen to follow. Why I certainly won't argue about the aesthetic value that violence can have, I find it deeply regretable that this new medium has chosen such a destructive path almost exclusicvely. Themes of love and sexuality have no place in this industry and in the few rare instances where that is different, it always leads to a scandal of gigantic proportions, that wanrs everyone in the US not to pursue that path any further. Now everyone knows the relation that americans have towards sexuality, so as a european I say let them take care of violence and hatred, while we explore the other path, just like its always been in every medium. That this can work is what I want to show.


Jessica said...

Hey Oni!
Just speaking for myself as an American, I enjoy a good story. Good stories frequently have a good amount of sex and/or violence (among other qualities, such as humor).

I agree with you about the gaming industry seeming to be absorbed by violence. Worse, they seem so linear, as though you're walking down a hall being directed to the same place every time.

That's why I prefer places like Necronom in SL. I prefer open-ended roleplay that places like Necronom provide. I don't know where my character is going, but I know I'll enjoy the ride. ;)

bret said...

i enjoy necronom, its fun, violent, and sexually appealing to my taste, naturally, i try to visit the station on a daily basis so i can see my friends and try to dive deeper into the story, as N-VI oftens a sense of adventure, fear, and mystery, with questions like where did the parasite come from, and how did it get to the station, theirs theories and such, but i hope doing the quests and such can answer my questions for sure, no mor guessing, plus, going thier, its easy to get laid xD