Sunday, January 6, 2008

One of the few highly advanced alien races currently known to mankind. Relations to the Gigateuth' have always been very limited. They are technologically highly advanced and thereas show little interest in humanity beyond a purely scientific curiosity.
They are a nautic race and it is assumed that they travel through space in vessels completely filled with water resulting in optimal productivity in a zero-g environment beyond anything humans could achieve. Noone has ever seen their homeworld, it is known however that because of their robust nature they have a much wider choice of locations suited for colonizing space then the human race, as many objects in space have been discovered to have underground seas or liquid cores.
Beyond that they are known to have learned to dwell into gaseous atmospheres, using mechanical devices to move and even communicate with other races.
Rumors say that their occasional interest in human beings is based on the fact that human meat is seen as delicacy among their kind, there is no solid basis for those claims though.

You can purchase the avatar in the sim, as always.

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