Chios slave auctions

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chios is glad to announce that the new trading outpost Necronom VI has been supplied with sufficient amount of freight over the previous months and is ready to start large business-operations.

As such we are proud to announce that in the near future we will be holding slave-auctions at announced times where stock will be available to the highest bidder.

Please look forward to the best quality of goods in this arm of the galaxy. We only trade the most elite selection of lifestock that will certainly fullfill all your requirements.

Our slaves are tidely prepared for shipment with a cleaned mind and in excellent health condition. Personality adjustments must be discussed in advanc since as you are surely aware not anything can be done with any person with current technology.

Look forward to the anouncement of the date and time in the near future.

Information for slaves:

The first official auctioner is going to be Candie Brooks. In order to apply please fill out the form (ask her for one in world) and send a copy to both Candie Brooks and Oni Horan.
Make sure that especially your background is detailed enough for the customer to clearly read out your story, where you came from and how you became a slave. However, also keep in mind that auctioned slaves have usually been freshly brainwiped and remember their past vaguely at best.

When you officially joined an auction you will become property of the Chios group so you can be sold to a client. You will officially receive a unique designation number to wear during this time. After the desired time of your service is over, your ownership will return to the group unconditionally and all rights of the owner cease to exist at that point. How the relationship to the group continues after that is completely up to yourself, you can be sold as many times as you desire.

The profits of the trade will be equally shared between the slave, the auctioner and Necronom VI, one third to each. It is strongly advised not to do this for the money however. We consider this an enjoyable RP event for everyone and according to this we will chose the criteria for stock selection.

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