Friday, March 21, 2008

Necronom VI is this big convoluted plan only fully laid out within my head. I have so many ideas for it and surrounding it that it is sometimes hard to structure them and decide on what to do, or rather, what not to do, just yet anyway.
As a result, what you may know as Necronom VI may not at all represent what I really have in mind when I look at the whole picture. As you can imagine, managing this place takes a whole lot of time in itself, so actually realizing new parts can be a process much longer then you would think.
The construction is still filled with spots that won't make any sense unless I get to work on them, but they are there anyway, contantly reminding me of the imperfect state the build is in, motivating me to get it done. The biggest such place has always been the section that I hereby open proudly officially. It has been a central spot since the early planning stages, but other things constantly shifting into the top priority spot have always distracted me from finishing it. Some of you may remember that part from the time the teleporters were down and I had to temporarly open it, but this time it is here to stay.
The shuttle dock will be a central transportation hub, from which you will be able to reach various areas nearby.
The lower section of the now open area is the habitat. If you thought that aliens always were stored within the reactorhall, then well, you thought wrong. This is where creatures and experiments were stored, but be warned that one part is still not finished, so its not yet the whole picture.
The entrance for the sterilization chamber.The aeroponic garden, might be best to stay out.

Finally the entrance hall. Keep in mind that not always what you see is what you get. When walking through that area you can never be certain if you are not being followed by something below the floor, just waiting to strike.
Enjoy exploring the new areas, I'm certain they will add a few new RP opportunities.


Tabby said...

wow looks great! Cant wait to explore adn see what pounces on me *grins*

Keep up the great work!

Nimrod said...

Blogged here:

Randy Pastorelli said...

Wow! Great work Oni. Can't wait to explore it all. Thanks!

Nikka said...

Does this mean the entrance point to the sim is moving to the new entrance hall?