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Thursday, April 3, 2008

This may seem slightly off topic, but since Lindenlabs can't censor my thoughts here I figured I'd give it a shot. You might have heard about this new thing called Havoc 4 being deployed in SL, bringing better stability and performance for simulaters all over SL. As some of you may know, Necronom VI has been on has been submitted to the testing and actually helped in tracking down a couple of issues and bugs. Not that this decission had been reached without a reason, you may remember the sorry state the sim was in before H4, constantly crashing and havig serious issues.
Let me tell you, Darien Caldwell invests a big deal of work in securing lagfree and stable performance to this very day.
However, the tools provided are actually very laughable. It's very easy to create items and scripts that bring down SL simulators you see and many people travel around wearing such items of poor quality, not even knowing about it. If you are used to the areas you frequent being laggy and unplayable then this is most likely the reason. LL provides absolutely no tools to track down these issues, you can only look up objects that sit within the sim. Furthermore, a simulator has detailed logs about everything that happens, but to this very day its not possible to have access to these, which I find ridiculous considering the amounts of money a simowner has to put down to have these servers.
Two simple facts, which I am deriving from many months of experience dealing with this topic on Necronom VI, which I have been stating over at the SL-Blog, where they were trying to suggest tips on how to keep a sim stable. But now, looking over the post every overly critical remark has simply been removed and the comments have been closed alltogether, sometimes you really have to wonder wether these people have any clue at all about how this age of information works...

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