The madness must stop!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

After watching several incidents unfold it is time for me to step in. The fun is over, no more fooling around. From this day forth there will be a new and strict ruleset enforced on the station and anyone who doesn't agree might as well just leave now, before they get removed by force for breaking regulations. Study the ruleset carefully and make sure to report every breaking of it to me right away so we can return to regulated order:


  • Absolutely no cookies!
  • This includes all forms of cookies and cookie dough related substances (including but not limited to all forms of dough containing a nut-percentage of over 17%), especially choclate cookies and chocolate chip cookies.
  • Cookiepossession is defined by spotting a cookie that is attached to a player for a period longer then 10 seconds in any area reachable by their mouth, by either moving their head or the related bodypart. This distance can vary from player to player depending on their shape and AO, so if you are not sure if the defined cookiedistance is broken please take a silent screenshot and send it to the authorities for judgement.
  • If you spot any individual that is under suspicion of publicly breaking the cookierule please report them at once to keep Necronom VI, but also all of Second Life a safe and better place.
  • If you want to get involved more deeply in helping our cause please wear the nocookiesbadge. To obtain your free nocookiebadge simply contact Oni Horan!


Pan said...

Come to the dark side.. we DON'T have cookies!

Ash Connolly said...

What is your position on crackers?

Nimrod said...


Oni Horan said...

i find the lack of sensitivity for this serious situation most disturbing