Wednesday, June 11, 2008

As some of you may have heard, Darien Caldwell, who was running the sim Necronom VI is located on, has shut down her business a while ago. First off I would like to thank her for her tremendous patience which is what has helped to stay Necronom VI online as long as it did.
As a result of this development, the sim has been taken over by Wildfire Walcott, also someone who has been supporting the station from the start as you may know, and moved into her desperation estate. For that I and everyone who likes coming to Necronom VI to play owe her a lot of thanks, as otherwise things might have ended up less then ideal. From now on Necronom VI will have twice the amount of prims available, which in turn will finally allow me to cosntruct a few updates that I have planned for a while. There's quite a few things in the pipeline that all build upon each other, which is why it might take a while to release it all together and as some of you may know, I haven't really been in the condition to work much here, but I'm slowly getting healthier again so I'm also picking up work here.
This change shouldn't really concern you much, except for the fact that LL is still incapable of providing a system that allows for areas to be moved without loss, so if you want to help out, please try and remember to update your picks to the new location.
A final note, you may wonder what will happen to the empty neighbourhood in the sim, well, what will happen indeed... I wonder if there's an area that would fit into there well... hmmmm...

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Darien Caldwell said...

Just to clarify, I'm closing my Land business, not my other ventures in Second Life, such as Dari's Haus. Don't want any rumors getting started. :) Thanks Oni and Good Luck with your station in it's new home. :)