Dead ends...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Attention visitors, alien attacks have been reported with increasing occurance. We are aware that this may cause slight miscomfort especially among our female guests, so here's a few suggestions:

  • Please don't wear overly revealing clothes, as this might confuse and provoke the poor creatures living in the lower sections of the station
  • When you encounter dangerous creatures, please don't attempt to communicate feed or interact with them in any way, as that might lead to an unexpected pregnacy, or worse, death.
  • Should you find yourself cornered with no hope for escape and all our usefull advice didn't help please try to run for one of the decompression chambers. With a bit of luck you may be able to lure a creature inside and blow it into space.
A decompression chamber has been prepared for this purpose, very close to the lab, it is advised that all personel gets familiar with the new technique. All thanks go to creator Xentor Delacroix for bringing us this fun little invention.

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