Update 1: NeMiT

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yesterday after a few months of planning and work I finally released the Necronom VI mission system. It is an attempt to make Necronom VI a richer experience that allows for more interactivity within its various environments. Personally I dislike the common roleplay elements introduced at other places, so this is not designed to encourage you to spend time on necronom forever pushing numbers.
NeMiT is the name of the HUD, of which the prototype was developed by Yuifan Yohkoh and the final version completely developed kindly by Darien Caldwell of Daris Haus fame (I would strongly encourage anyone wo likes the HUD to check out her BDSM products).
This handy little gadget will allow you to pick up and manage missions as well as the credits you will receive for completing them. Missions are small tasks or puzzles that are generally designed to engage you with the setting of Necronom VI. Some are harder then others, some can be repeated, I leave finding out the details up to you. Their second purpose however is to get you playing with other people, find that one puzzle is too hard? Just ask a friend and try it together.
When you are wearing the HUD it also changes your camera angle. This can certainly be irritating at first, but as I have said before, as designer this is how I want Necronom VI to be experienced for various reasons, not all of them of purely aesthetical nature. Just keep in mind that you can use the mousewheel and you will be fine.
On a final note, this system is completely optional. You can completely ignore it and enjoy playing here like always, or you can just have a quick look to see what's there to do, this game is as engaging as you chose it to be, but of course I will be trying to catch your interest with many new varied missions in the future.

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