Update 2: The website

Friday, August 15, 2008

By now its old news because I'm way behind with the blogentries, but I still feel it needs to be explained somewhere. I am glad to see that the new Necronom VI community website has already become a fully accepted tool for players ont he station. I created it for the following reasons:

  1. I think for an adult roleplaying environment like I imagine it, Second Life itself doesn't really offer enough flexibility. On the site you can set up detailed profiles with all the information you need, properly structured.
  2. The tools for communication within Second Life are so broken that simple processes like discussing roleplay activities in groups for instance becomes impossible. To help with that, the site offers everyone the chance to create groups there.
  3. I saw a lot of people like taking screenshots and sharing them on flickr for instance, but I believe that is a lot more fun if you can share them with the Necronom VI community itself.
  4. There's many other nifty features like uploading movies, offline communication, etc.
All in all a lot of things that make up for the sometimes painfull interface. Anyway, if you're still seeing the old blog, that I will keep using by the way, head over and have a look at the community site for all things scifi, bdsm and alien sex for yourself.

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