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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back when I set out to make Necronom about 3 years ago I never really planned to have a big store or something like a mall, those were all last minute additions. As a result the mall has always been a true eyesore and nothing but a mistake, but considering how long this location has lasted already, it was clear it had to be redone. And so I present to you the new Necronom mall:
Over the years I've come to realize that the mall is not just a necessary evil, it actually provides true value to the visitors if it has the right stores. I really hope it will be more fun to use it from now and I hope to integrate it into the RP environment a little as well, so it's not completely out there.
Most importantly however, this was a very necessary change because there are a lot of things I can only do now that the entry area has been redesigned. Keep your eye open for more to follow in the future.


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Kakashi: Maybe if I give Zabuza his Sword back he might disappear.
Kakashi summons Pakkun
Kakashi: I need your help old friend
Pakkun: Anything for you kakashi old boy
Kakashi: I need you to go to the land of cloud and bring back the big sword from the prisoner Sugitsu
Pakkun: it is very dangerous at the moment kakashi I will need my brothers to bring the sword back safely
Kakashi: Fine
Kakashi summons the rest of the ninja dogs
Pakkun: Thank you Kakashi we will be on our whey then
Kakashi: Good luck

Skips to Naruto Scene
Bee: Before you go any further show me that technique without the nine tales cloak
Naruto: Oh yes her we go
Naruto produces and normal rasengan and then hits the floor making a small ditch
Bee: hmm….

Naruto interrupts: oh wait, that is not all
He makes a great ball rasengan and makes a large crater in the floor
Bee: Wo…
He gets interrupted again by Naruto: oh wait here’s another one
He goes into sage mode and then throws a rasengan shuriken making a massive crater in the floor
Bee is completely gobsmacked: Wow Just Wow
Naruto is beaming with joy that bee liked it,

Jail Scene
Pakkun goes to the guard and asks for the sword for kakashi the guard agrees, while the guard has gone to get the sword we see a half dead sugitsu and a half dead Jugo slowly combining with each other in the prison to keep each other alive.
Pakkun tries to pick up the sword but is unable to so the big black dog behind him grabs it with his teeth and they leave.

Kakashi and CO
Haku and Lee are fighting it out, Haku is surprised that lee is actually faster than he is but realises that lee can’t use anything but taijutsu. Haku does a wind attack which hits Lee but does not do a lot of damage then lee uses leaf hurricane to hit Haku, lee then does the basic lotus on Haku.(we see Haku head first into the ground with his body all twisted, he then regenerates and carries on fighting.
Zabuza is fighting kakashi but keeps getting his arms continuously chopped off but they keep regenerating

Zabuza: I wish we were fighting on better terms Kakashi
Kakashi: same here Zabuza
Zabuza: I feel a sudden surge of power with in me my chakra has grown ten fold
He then kicks kakashi in the face and sends him flying
Zabuza: watch out I’m doing a hurricane jutsu
Kakashi thinks a hurricane jutsu that is bad, hurricane jutsu 10x stronger Kakashi yells out to every one: RUN !!!!!

They all look at him
Kankuro: I think he shit himself
Sai: I think he shit himself
Omi, and rest of ninja in unison: I think he shit himself
Sakura: Yep he shit himself

Before Zabuza does the hurricane jutsu Pakkun arrives with the sword Kakashi disappears cleans his shit and comes back with relief, he throws the sword to Zabuza and Zabuza catches it, he looks at his sword and starts to cry like before he died
Zabuza: Thank you Kakashi
He then disappears into tiny fragments, Haku realizes Zabuza has gone so he disappears as well just before a head but from lee. Lee doesn’t see Haku who go and accidently head-butts a tree which goes flying into the rest of the revived ninja.

Tara Maya said...

I admit, I never saw the old mall. But the new mall looks good.

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