Tecora Class Freighter

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Welcome to a little sneak peak of a new area of the station that will be introduced shortly.

Small and agile, the characteristics of this old freigther model are quickly summarized. For normal space trade however the ships quickly became outdated due to their wastefull and unstable energy consumption. For the long deep space trips slow but stable ships have taken their place. But while the tecora class freighter should be long forgotten it has found a renaissance in recent days and is an ideal vehicle for smugglers, who need small and fast ships to quickly pass through unexpected situations and outmaneuver patrol ships. Especially slave traders have costumized this freighter for their use, even though the high energy consumption of hibernation chambers combined with the increased fuel consumption during surprising spacial phenomena like plasma winds often force the traders to drop cargo into space, its agility is still unrivaled and allows it to quickly slip into any colony.

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