The big move

Saturday, December 29, 2007

As some of you already know, once again the station will have to move to a different sim.
You may wonder why and I'll gladly explain. You may have noticed the sim crashing on quite a regular basis. After a very long time of investigation it appears that this is not an issue that can be resolved easily, Second Life is quite a mess and a complete lack of any control over the server as there are no logs available, no tools to investigate and absoluetly no support from linden labs surely isn't making life any easier.
As this is an issue that causes constant trouble to the business of the simowner, she has generously provided us with a calmer place, where all the trouble the station causes can be sorted out slowly.All of this has costed a tremendous amount of work and patience and because of it I have not been able to advance the station nearly as quickly as I would have liked. Nevertheless you can expect a couple of new additions to the new location. First and foremost, a new spaceship will be accessible, you can read all the details about it in the post below. Second a few areas have gotten more polish, most notably the laboratory, which finally has a second floor and a handfull of brandnew devies for your use.
Another new addition is that the whole station is now fully windlight optimized. I realize that most people will not see the change until the new features are added to the regular SL client, however, maybe it is a small motivation for some of you to give it a try.

This move is as always in SL a very dangerous step and I really hope that it will not end in a disaster. If you'd like to support the station in any way, all you have to do is to add the new location in your picks. That would be very important for the survival of the place and greatly apriciated. To get to there you just have to click here or view it here.

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