Monday, December 31, 2007

The move has progressed very well, I'd like to thank everyone again and apologize for the inconvenience. Over the course of today I have been taking some random screenshots of visitors throughout the station, which I think I will keep doing in the future, as visitors continue to surprise with extremly creative and interesting outfits.

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Zombie said...

This sim rocks. Plain and simple. Good layout, good texturing, it's very well done all the way around.

If you take aprentices, I would love to see how you all work. Currently, I could aid in texturing if you need it. I am trying to get better with just about every other facet of SL like building with prims and sculpted prims, animation and scripting.

If you aren't taking on aprentices, then could you maybe send some pointers my way?

I'm Zed Rankin in world (you can catch me wandering arround your sim randomly). Catch me there and I'll send you my e-mail addy.