Friday, February 22, 2008

"not possible IRL" seems like a very fine blog that's documenting the various worthwhile areas of Second Life. Not knowing them before, I'm still honored they picked the colony to write about today and while you may wonder why that should bother you, let me tell you that sneaky person managed to take a snapshot of a new area thats currently under construction, who can find it I wonder?
Have a look here and while you're at it, there's a lot of nice stuff shown in the blog, so it's definately worth a visit.


Arondelle said...

In fact, I also ran into an off-limits area shown in the snapshot after having been zapped outside the station by the malfunctioning ladder teleporters. Of course, I'm always excited by new areas, but I wouldn't have snapped it -- I'll wait for the surprise along with everyone else!

Vertiphon said...

Oni, I'm not sure where it's best to post this, but I'd like to say: Necronom is one of the most fascinating places in SL. It satisfies the dark sci-fi fan in me.

I'm hoping it'll get larger soon though... so one thought: I heard from one Necronom resident that you might be considering constructing a planet below it. Might I suggest having the transport shuttle take Necronom residents down to somewhere like Dark City (or whatever your preference is) - a space port, or something. This would save up on your prims: keep those to build a huge rounded bar or something. Preferably with windows to look out towards the planet (a simple sphere of course, but it keeps up the illusion :).

Finally, well... some more "options" down in the alien area? ;)

Anonymous said...

Darian Caldwell is a hypocrite.

You best RP her way, or you can expect public ridicule. Anyone who objects is either banned or threatened with a ban. Given the group keywords are "tentacle tentacles space spaceship station alien aliens demon demons monster transformation bdsm forced hentai mutant mutants zombie zombies capture slave rape austria scifi insects xenophile hypnosis abduction master mistress sex" I can easily understand someone choosing to look for, say, sex with an alien within the group membership. However, apparently you must be careful HOW you go about it. If you do it wrong, expect crucifiction. If anyone objects, Darian pulls out the ban stick.

Frankly this hypocracy sickens me. All the worse because there was no higher authority to turn to, and the only options were to accept that an officer of this group expects its members to role play her way, or leave.

Was this proper behavior? Read what happened and decide for yourself.

Excerpt from chat log:

[22:38] Becca Jinn: human female available for breeding
[22:38] Felicia Campbell: STFU
[22:38] Darien Caldwell: lol
[22:38] Grimreaperr Alter: ..
[22:38] Kaelintha Felwitch: OMG
[22:38] Nero Eberhart: PWNT!!!!
[22:39] Miyoko Mommsen: Felicia, I love you.
[22:39] Darien Caldwell: can someone just breed her so she's 'full'
[22:39] Missy Nakajima: R U Hot?
[22:39] Nero Eberhart: U BETTER BE!
[22:39] Darien Caldwell: like that taco bell commercial "I'm Fuuulllll!"
[22:40] Ekib Hern: she's got a witch nose and a horse's ass
[22:40] Ekib Hern: have fun :p
[22:40] Grimreaperr Alter: Ill fill her with gunpowder then light her on fire
[22:40] Ekib Hern: lol grim
[22:40] Jordie Aichi: Considering this is a sex-group, it's funny how people are so quick to rouse over something like this.
[22:40] Jordie Aichi: *in part.
[22:40] Phaerys Morrisey: is she pedobear approved?
[22:40] Jani Felwitch: I think that's enough spam, and OOC spam at that.
[22:41] Darien Caldwell: and Jani, you are... who exactly?
[22:41] Beotch Dawg: guys, if you do not want to RP with her it is not needed to just insult or throw BS,
[22:42] Jani Felwitch: A person who's not interested in mockery and derision towards people who are just trying to have fun in a game. Is that good enough, or do I have to have some sort of authority for you to stop being mean?
[22:43] Dark Pixie: well said
[22:43] Darien Caldwell: well maybe you should take a page from your own book
[22:43] Darien Caldwell: and no it wasn't
[22:43] Beotch Dawg: and Becca, please remember we are a roleplay adult group so give us a little more about the RP than just 'female availible for breeding' it will lessen the negative responses
[22:43] Darien Caldwell: Jani, your words were nothing *but* mockery and derision
[22:44] Darien Caldwell: so you really have no room to talk
[22:44] Darien Caldwell: if you don't like what's going on the the channel, you are free to close the window.
[22:44] Sky Mureaux: The polite thing to have done if you were so righteous is to send becca a private message, not insult her in front of the entire group
[22:44] Darien Caldwell: but don't think you can get off making statments like that, and act all 'holier than thou'
[22:44] Sky Mureaux: You were juvenile, plain and simple
[22:45] Darien Caldwell: Sky, you really don't want to get involved in this, unless you want to join your new friend on the banlist
[22:45] Ashtoreth Walpole: wow, way too many arrogant jerks in this group. I'm leaving. This really lasted a long time.
[22:45] Jani Felwitch: You're still spamming OOC to a bunch of people who aren't interested. You have a problem with me, take it to tell.
[22:46] Darien Caldwell: There is nothing wrong with poking a little fun at someone who, if you were in this group ANY length of time, spams the EXACT same message EVERY DAY, for the past two weeks
[22:46] Darien Caldwell: it's gettign VERY OLD
[22:46] Darien Caldwell: and many are getting tired of it
[22:46] Darien Caldwell: including me
[22:47] Darien Caldwell: Sky, you want to talk to me, talk here
[22:47] Darien Caldwell: Lets get all this bullshit out in the open
[22:47] Darien Caldwell: This is not just some SEX thing
[22:48] Darien Caldwell: It's a serious Space Roleplay sim
[22:48] Darien Caldwell: you want sex, go to some newbie hangout, and get it
[22:49] Neji Bosatsu: ~_~ this is quite amusing
[22:49] Neji Bosatsu strokes his cin
[22:49] Neji Bosatsu: chin*
[22:49] Beotch Dawg: ok, please return to your regularly scheduled roleplay. there is too much arguing over something that only needed a little coaching. Please?
[22:50] Sky Mureaux: Darien, I was trying to agree with you and you bit my head off, I don't know if you were having a bad day or what and then you do it again when I try to do the adult thing and take it to tells. I didn't mean to cause you any grief but obviously I did somehow and I apologize for that.
[22:50] Darien Caldwell: it didn't look to me like you were agreeing with me
[22:50] Neji Bosatsu: interresting
[22:50] Neji Bosatsu: typos tonight
[22:50] Darien Caldwell: but really, its best to stay out of arguments that arent' yours
[22:51] Geldriia Zemlja shoots the window
[22:51] Neji Bosatsu: Astounding
[22:51] Sky Mureaux: Excuse me then.

Darien Caldwell said...

Ah, an anonymous hater, my first. I must be moving up in the world. :)

Your carefully edited transcript is nice, but fails to take into account the IMs between myself an many involved, including Sky Mureaux, Jani Felwitch, where the issues were discussed and resolved. It also fails to document the weeks of abuse of the channel by Becca Jinn, undoubtedly SL's worst roleplayer. Did I lose my temper, you bet I did. And I regret that.

A single moment in a person's life is a poor way to judge someone's character, everyone makes mistakes. And based on that, I won't judge you, Mr. not-so-anonymous-as-one-thinks. ;)