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Sunday, February 17, 2008

While I generally like being a lazy bastard the latest creation of Shanobe Weyland really motivated me to put it up. I really love the design of these avian cyborglegs, they are as always available on the bridge.

A little lexicon entry for those who wonder what's up with all these cyborg parts, let me tell you there are some really nice things I've planend that will enrich the RP for everyone:

Humanity has currently no access to technology that would allow the manipulation of gravity itself. For quite a while it has been possible to sustain stable electromagnetic fields at very low energy cost however, which has become the technology of choice when adepting space locations to the needs of the human organism. Simulating gravity increases the efficiency of the human body by almost 50% over longterm periods of time so several possibilities were developed:
For short spacetravels people wear special clothes that contain metallic compounds which are influenced by the magnetic field simulating gravity. Since the barycenters of the several bodyparts are completely off it feels very awkward though and is only used by casual spacetravelers.
The cheapest and most common solution for people who are forced to spend their lives in space is boneimplants, metallic structures that are merged into the human skeleton. Unfortunately the longterm health risks are unacceptable for those who want to return to life in a normal environment with regular gravitation, so for a few decades zsimondian nanotechnology has become extremly popular as alternative. Nanobots are cultivated over the course of a month and replicate themselves inside the organism by mechanosynthesis, providing metalic compounds spread perfectly throughout the body. Furthermore its possible to remotely control the orientation of the electrons and thereas the amount of gravity for each individual selectively.

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Darien Caldwell said...

Very impressive looking. :)