Saturday, February 16, 2008

As you know, I was recently looking into the possibility of renting out some apartments on the sim of the station. Since your feedback was really overwhelmingly positive towards the idea I decided to give it a shot and can now present you the basic design of one living unit.
One unit consits of two areas: The lower living floor and the upper leasure-area that is a garden. This is a view of the empty lower floor. The staircase leads up and thedoors on the side to the room in the back. That room can be split into two, should you feel like you need more confined space. Of coruse the garden can be remade into soemthing metallic on request. but who wouldn't want to chill with some friends beneath the stars at such a place.
I kept the whole construction deliberately very low in prim consumption. The whole place takes only 20 prims, which leaves 80 prims to the renters to fill it with their own furniture. The whole project will not be made for profit, but since I desperately need more prims so I can build new areas within Necronom VI, the price will be a common one. The rent will be 600L$ per week, which will go entirely into the funding of the station.
At the start I will offer 4 apartments, no more and no less and considering the feedback I got so far you should hurry and let me know if you are interested.

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