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Monday, February 11, 2008

As the number of RP-Nazis on the station is constantly growing and I keep getting reports about people arguing for hours about who is allowed to order around whom instead of actually playing, I have decided to write this post to clarify the structure for everyone once and forall. If you are a mature person, have expirience in dealing with other people and communicating, then hey, skip the whole post and enjoy your time doing something different. This is not for you ;) If you have been sent here to study the text by someone who is too lazy to explain a situation with his own words, i apologize in advance. He doesnt love you and probably never will.

First and forall I ask of each and everyone to accept that this place has no RP rules for the random visitor whatsoever. If for example some Star Trek group decides to pay a visit then you have to live with that. Everyone is free to play whatever they like, however keep in mind, what you accept yourself is entirely up to you. If someone comes around being a total dickhead, destroying your RP that has been prepared for hours, then hey, take it easy and ignore him. Im dead serious about that, the world is full of annoying people and if you need rules to beat them down with from above to feel good then you are no better yourself. Give him an IM, explaining that his influence isnt apreciated in that form and if that isnt enough theres still a handy ignore function.

Because obviously there is a great amount of people who enjoy engaging in more sophisticated forms of RP there are a couple of official groups on the station. From these it should be expected that they properly deal with each other in the way its intended, otherwise its up to the specific groupleaders to decide what to do about their behaviour. The human groups especially have to work together and as such Ill clarify their exact hirarchy:

  • The normal crew is responsible for managing the station. That includes technical responsibilities, but also anything that is related to business activities. Generally, they make sure that trading-business on the station goes smoothly and dont worry much about anything beyond that.
  • The Black Talon Pirates have a special treaty with Oni Horan. They may use the station as an outpost and in turn provide their fleet of ships to protect the area directly around the station.
  • The Necronom Security and Defence Force consists of mercenaries that have been hired to assist the crew in a policelike fashion. They make sure that security problems are dealt with, they escort people through the dangerous corridors, and guard certain areas. They are certainly not blindly loyal to anyone, since they are in it for the money, they sometimes question orders from other parties should their life be in danger and generally chose the degree of their loyalty themselves.
  • The Chios Military Corps has been sent by Chios themselves to make sure their convoluted agenda is met. It is not quite clear what their objectives are, under normal circumstances they will assist with station security, but should they see their mission in danger they are ordered to take extreme actions, no matter what other fractions may think about it. They would not hesitate to kill other personal in certain situations, which does not mean those people would simply accept such a fate.
  • Team Omega is a special science team put together by the chios council itself. To Chios, their work is what's most important and so they have been given the authority to use ressources where needed. Should they require force, they are to make use of the CMC. Noone is aware of their exact priorities, which often leads to disagreements and conflicts where the different parties are involved. Anyone who values their life should not trust them easily.
Furthermore, there are a couple of independant roles, that anyone may chose to take.
  • Slaves are station property, they belong to Chios and are to be treated as valuable cargo. They have no real rights on the station and what happens to them is only of relevance when it reduces their market value.
  • Slave traders visit the station looking for cargo to ship.
  • Aliens. There are all kinds of aliens lurking deep inside the station. They get aboard over cargo vessels and are a common thing.
  • Station security are independant mercenaries. Their purpose is to give support where it is needed. They answer to noone and generally disapear when their payment has arrived.
  • Scientists work in the lab. They are mostly in charge of reprogramming and performing various scheduled experiemnts. Furthermore they give medical attention to those in need of it.
Finally I would like to point out something that many of you seem to forget occasionally: Chios is a criminal organisation and in criminal organisations there is no definitive law, no rules to protect you. People backstab each other, try to work towards their personal advantage, frankly they are on their own. Just keep that in mind when you think of running to any form of authority for help.

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