Thank you Oni Horan

Friday, February 1, 2008

That is what I hear a lot, I get so much nice feedback on this project that sometimes I almost feel guilty. Now obviously I'm responsible for creating it, but believing in it and making it possible is something for that you all have to thank someone different.
First of all, I'm not sure if anyone knows, but please keep in mind that the biggest supporter of this place is Wildefire Walcott. She runs Desperation Island (if you havent't checked it out before I suggest you change that because it's an amazing location in many ways) and back when she first saw the station she immidiatly decided to give her support to it. Let me tell you that without this decission of hers and her constant support none of this would ever have been possible, so don't hesitate to drop her a message and thank her, I'm dead serious too.
The second name might be more familiar to regular visitors, but she certainly deserves no less of your attention. Without Darien Caldwell the station would have shut down very quickly after it finally got started. Not only has she been very supportive beyond anything a landowner would have to be, only because of her seemingly infinite patience, next to all the trouble we have been causing to her sim and business, you guys can keep running around causing more trouble.
There is a third person who has made the start of this project possible, but she has decided to stay anonymous, so I will respect that.
It is tremendously satisfying that in this world so full of immature foolish clowns there are still these people who try to use their ressources to make it a bit better and I truly hope that we all will continue to make the best of their efforts.

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