Mission Update

Monday, December 15, 2008

After collecting and executing ideas for a few months, I'm finally able to release a whole bunch of new missions to play. This should add a lot of variety, from minigames, to cooperative tasks, to puzzles there is even one mission that tells the detailed backstory of Necronom VI for the very first time. To sort the misions a bit there is now a new Omega mission board, where tasks will have a slightly scientific theme.
All in all I think if you enjoyed the previous batch of tasks, you will find the new ones fun as well and if you never checked the mission out before, it's all the better because now there's a really big variety to chose from.
Personally I think we now got enough content for the system to enterain someone for a while, so the next time you hear from NeMit should be when I finally managed to put together a reward system for you to spend your well earned credits on.

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