Sunday, January 18, 2009

Unfortunately, updates always end up being of such enormous proportions that by the time they are finished it's hardly worth pointing out anymore. The current renovation of the station that you experienced back in december is not really finished yet, but there's really many things going on at the same time, so it's just not done yet, but that doesn't mean things are standing still.
Take the latest finished project for example, the guns. Finally after having to postpone it for about 9 months now I got to release the first model.
The purpose of this is simple, the Necronom plot has a distinct entry for weaponry, that has been released a very long time ago but rarely finds use because there's imply no guns like it in SL:

Over the centuries ballistic weapons have been optimized to a point where they leave little room for improvement in efficiency. A long time ago it was common practice to use blunt explosive rounds, which would damage the target in a completely unpredictable way. For some time now the use of precise needleprojectiles has become standard. Accelerated by either airpressure or, in more heavy weapons, electromagnetic coils, its very easy to disable a person precisely. The impact of the needles themselves renders the target immobile without causing unnecessary tissue damage, but can also deliver fatal effects by targeting head or spine. Additionally such needles are commonly used to carry biological or chemical compounds that help to deliver the desired effect.
In recent days a countermeasure has been witnessed. The quick advancement of magnetic technology seems to have made it possible to deploy small devices that allow influencing the trajectory of the metallic needles, rendering them useless under certain circumstances. Only a limited number of weapons is not affected, like handguns depending on airpressure that can also use ceramic ammunition, or electric weapons. Both of these alternatives come with severe limitations however, which is why close combat alternatives enjoy a renaissance.

To provide equipment that reflects this there will be a series of different guns that are designed for Necronom specifically, where there is no rezing and no fighting scripts. They are supposed to look and sound unique and they also include a very special feature that I will formally introduce some time later in connection to the missions, that will give using these weapons an interesting twist.

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